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Beautiful Nature

Goals & Objectives

Our aim is to develop incentive structures and adaptation strategies for local communities as an active mechanism for combating changing climate, improving local livelihoods, and accelerating sustainable development.

We ultimately want to make it more profitable to keep our forests and all other biodiverse public goods intact rather than having them destroyed.

License 32g

This is the current license that CZHT owns. Our objective is to receive the rights to license in the event the Government of Suriname reclaims it. 

Farming as a Service

This is INFINITRI's first product to be launched in the event of receiving the rights to the plot of land and license 32g.

Community Development

We believe that climate action through partnering communities plays an important role in the further development of different initiatives. 

Forest Preservation

At the heart of our project is forest preservation. This is the seed of INFINITRI's quest and what we aim to redefine for the world. 

Carbon Negative

Suriname is one of three countries in the world that currently has a "carbon negative" rating. One of our key missions is to help retain this threshold.

Regeneration & ReFi

Regenerative Finance will be an important to help create new financial structures that directly fund climate action through the strength of communities. 

Wild Berries
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