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Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

Living in a developing country covered by forests can often be explained as living in a paradox. You’re urged to protect and sustain the nature you have in abundance, but are hard-pressed to keep up with the developments of leading nations to avoid economic and political decimation. This often leads to the decision to destroy those natural resources. 

However, a more pressing exponential problem arises out of this.

The monetary value which is accredited to these forests is but a fraction of its true ultimate value. To measure their true value, one must take into consideration not just the resources they contain, but the impact it has on all facets of the country.


This true monetary value is of great essence in the race to preserve and conserve the thriving parts of nature that are left.

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Our Story



Infinite + Kankantri (Surinamese for the Ceiba pentandra

was born in January 2021 with the idea of tokenizing the thriving parts of Suriname's rainforest. At that moment we jumped into a rabbit hole and attempted to map out the current eco system of both climate action and adaptation initiatives. Our growing interest and understanding of the blockchain became the basis for our quest to create impact based solutions.

As of August 2022 we are preparing to enter the next phase that lies ahead for our organization. In this phase we will focus on the production and completion of both on- and off-chain development for our Farming as a Service model.

The journey continues!


Meet The Team

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Timothy Goudzand

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Co - Founder & General Manager


Mitchel Pawirodinomo

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Web3 Lead Developer


Sedale Wijngaarde

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Co- Founder & Creative Manager


Giani Razab Sekh

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Forest Economic Specialist

Our Partners

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