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aims to redefine forest preservation and regeneration through the use of technology, financial tools and real world development

Group Planting a Tree


At the center of these developments are the communities that are living in these forests.


Our main goal in real world development is to use land for agriculture.


A community of climate activist and entrepreneurs using web3 to further initiate climate action

Project Patamacca

Patamacca is a resort in Suriname located in the District of Marowijne, with a total area of 1,183 km2. The resort of Patamacca has historically been inhabited by maroon tribes. According to the last census held in 2020, the area was inhabited by roughly 470 people. 



This resort's main economic activity came from its local palm oil industry. This industry was destroyed due to the consequences of the Surinamese civil war in the 1980’s. During the 1960’s there was also an attempt at a large forest plantation by Bruynzeel, but that project was abandoned eventually.

The China Zhong Hen Thai Company

In an attempt to redevelop the resort of Patamacca and its palm oil industry, the government of Suriname signed a deal with the China Zhong Hen Tai (CZHT) company in 2004. In exchange for the development of a palm oil plantation and community investments for the inhabitants of the resort, CZHT was awarded a 520km2 concession and granted an ICL (incidental cutting license). This license gives the holder the ability to cut down all trees in that area, in this case for the development of the palm oil plantation.



As things stand there is no palm oil plantation and no job opportunities for the tribes of Patamacca. There is a growing group that now resorts to illegal logging and gold mining. The government of Suriname has announced it has started the process of withdrawing the license given to CZHT.

Farming as a Service

We see Farming as a Service as a great opportunity to bring investment opportunities and create jobs for the people of Patamacca. Through land fractionalization on-chain we could offer plots of land on which the various tribes of Patamacca will develop for farming.


We aim to partner with several local and international farm companies, that will not only assist in the development of this project but also teach the necessary techniques that are required for in-forest farming.


Through a user-friendly dashboard, royalties earned and other important information about the plot of land will be displayed.


Plots of land would be offered as the project and the demand for the product grows. Our goal is to gradually develop between 5 to 10 km2 for the usage of the Farming as a Service model.

Forest Preservation and Regeneration

The remaining land will be preserved, regenerated and only used for development that directly benefits the communities of Patamacca. If and when this project is eligible for carbon credits, we will use these funds to help further develop the amenities needed for those living  in Patamacca.


We'd love to partner with you!

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